Finishes used on Cortina Residence are of the highest quality.

When we considered Cortina Residence project, we thought the quality and design on that a home should have. Finishing apartments are in the highest standards.

Bathrooms tiles come from Porcelanosa, a brand renowned among architects and interior designers, flooring Multilayer provided by Kahrs, the European leader wooden floors, doors with hidden heel Filomuro are designed to meet the highest demands, Jaga radiators which have an optimized consumption and innovative design, the bathrooms are designed according to the latest trends in design and utility.

  1. Ceramic tiles

    For the Ceramic tiles, we used the famous Italian brands Atlas Concorde and Marazzi, carefully selected by our designers who can also help you make the perfect choice in terms of colors and models to best suit your future home!

    Ceramic tiles
  2. Flooring

    The flooring carefully chosen for Cortina Residence apartments is triple layer and offers you the possibility to pick your model and color of choice.

    The triple-layer parquet has a layered composition, and is usually made up ​​of two layers of pine essence, and the third visible layer is oak or beech.

  3. Air Conditioning

    The air conditioning, so desirable on a hot summer day is included in Cortina Residence apartments facilities.

    The Ac is provided with centralized technology. This modern technology will provide the comfort you so much need when being at home; our system will allow you to regulate the temperature differently in different areas of the apartment.

    Daikin Europe is the leading manufacturer of solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration with high efficiency for commercial, residential and industrial areas.

    Air Conditioning
  4. Heating

    The heating system in our apartments is provided by two thermal plants made by Viessmann.

    Mixed type heating is realized by convectors and radiators.

    Consumption is metered per apartment; these plants substantially reduce the heating cost compared to standard apartment heating systems.